Mothers Pride Baby Show – Could Get More Publicity

Mothers Pride recently conducted Baby Show. While there was all the publicity that went before the gala, there was not much splash afterwards.

The event was organized on 17-March-2013 in different branches of Mothers Pride. The event would give gifts in different categories – Healthiest Baby, Sunniest Smile, Most Active Baby, Friendliest Baby, Most Attractive Baby, Most Sparkling Eyes, Most Aware Woman, Most Aware Parents. The events varied for children in 4 age groups – 0 to 6 months, 6 months to 1 year, 1 year to 2 years and 2 years to 3 years. Best part was that the event had two batches 9 to 12 noon and 2 PM to 5 PM to suit parents timings.

Weeks before the event, prospective parents got calls from prospective teachers (or those marketing ladies or telecallers) to bring their children. They were very polite, definitely not like regular telecallers. They explained all the categories, age groups, fees and even offered to get the fees picked up. I think I even heard its advertisement on FM Radio. I definitely remember seeing its advertisement on a large Bill board on a very busy road.

The event started with a dance of children. Children’s dance was followed by paper dance of parents (awkward! but fun). Teachers were ready to help parents in holding children in their arms while parents were busy dancing on folding newspaper song after song. And then the event started. Well Dressed Kid. Cutest Kid. Were these categories even defined? Anyway, then the questionnaire for Most Aware Women, Most Aware Parents. Finally, the session ended with counseling in which the sales professionals explained about curriculum of Mothers Pride and how parents may get a discount if they enroll their children for admission on that same day.

Mothers Pride Baby Show - Before and After

Not an advertisement

The next day parents got calls for Most Aware Women, Most Aware Parents prize etc. secretly. This is where I think Mothers Pride lost opportunities.

  1. Mothers Pride should have called professional photographers and should have taken photos of the event. They should have then posted these photos on a page especially for this event.
  2. Mothers Pride should have got the photos taken of the children and posted those photos on the website. It should have then asked parents and everyone to vote for “Most Attractive Baby” or “Most Sparkling Eyes” baby.
  3. Mothers Pride should have posted the photos and names winners of different categories on the website, FM and on the large Bill board.
  4. Mothers Pride should have given a bigger discount on admission along with the regular gift that they gave for various categories.
  5. Mothers Pride could also consider creating Facebook page for the event or a post for the event and people could “like” for the various categories. They could also take “like” on their school Facebook page.
  6. While the advertisement page was good, the registration page had IP (yuk)

Overall, I feel the event was a good marketing gimmick but Mothers Pride could gain more from it.


  1. Shilpa Gupta March 22, 2013 7:50 pm  Reply

    Also, their selection process for most active baby could have been much better. How can you judge a 0 months-1 year old baby in less than a minute. He/She changes mood so often. Come on, please think something creative.

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