You Got a Farmhouse!

As a middle class person, did you ever dream of buying a farm house on a running road with a marriage in procession? Or did you imagine buying one in the calm corner of a metro city such as Delhi? I too dreamt but when I came to know the price tag of these plush farm houses, I knew I could not buy. I wished someone gifts one to me. But could I even afford such a gift?

Let’s consider Pushpanjali Farmhouses on the busy Gurgaon Dwarka Link Road. Price tag for these farm houses is approximately 60 crore rupees (25 crore per acre X minimum 2.5 acre for approved farm houses). You got a farmhouse!

Initial Expense when Getting Farmhouse for Gift

You need to pay approximately 33 crore rupees to acquire and use a farmhouse even if someone gifts one to you. If you can afford to pay 30+ crore rupees then probably you don’t even need someone to gift a farmhouse.

Dream big and work to achieve big, ‘cause if it’s too big then even a gift won’t fit in pocket. – Himanshu

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