Outsourcing Pilgrimage

In my previous post, I noted that one should look for alternative source of income. One way to have an alternate source of income is by starting one’s own venture and becoming an entrepreneur. In this category, I will list some of the ideas that one may use to start his own venture. One such idea is “Outsourcing Pilgrimage”.

Background and Requirement

Religion is one of the most important aspects of an Indian’s life irrespective of whether that Indian lives in India or abroad. Many a times, bigger wishes such as marriage, job, admission to good college, child birth, require praying God and in return visit their far-off temple and offer as promised. Many a times, such promises are done over a long period of time and in different temples. When that wish gets granted, the devotee finds it difficult to visit those temples. It is especially difficult for people who are NRI (Non-Resident Indians), PIO (Person of India Origin) and old.


What services you may offer?

You (or your hired priest) may offer to visit those temples and fulfill client’s promise in exchange for a fee. People may place an order online to fulfill their promises. The priest may suggest the client if he too needs to perform something (get haircut, offer water to Sun God etc.) in addition or it is imperative for client to do all on his own. After the visit, you may send Prasad (offering) to the client by mail.

Your offerings may be “Visit to Vaishnodevi on Day X”, “Visit to Balaji on Day Y”, “Visit to Tirupati on Day Y”. You will need to specify what kind of offering your client would like to buy. They will need to specify how soon the priest should visit. You may also request the client to specify any message that they would want to convey – “Thank you God for the lovely Grandchild” etc.


NRI/PIO, busy executives who are short of time and old people who may not visit due to health reasons

Capital Requirement

Initial Capital Estimate for Outsourcing Pilgrimage

Can you put this idea to work? If yes, go ahead and share the results, if not, stay tuned for the next idea.

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