Faridabad Property Show on May 25-26, 2013

On May 25 and 26 (yesterday and day before yesterday), magicbricks.com organized Faridabad Property Show. The show was at a prominent location in Faridabad – Magpie Hotel in Sector 16A, Faridabad on Mathura Road. Was the Show worth  visitors’ time?

  1. The entry to the venue was marked by construction work for Metro Rail. The direct entry to the venue from Mathura Road (Main Road) was closed and one had to enter through the side lane.
  2. The hall where the show was organized was too small. I would estimate the area to be approximately 20,000 sq ft.
  3. There were approximately 15 Real Estate Developers in Property Show – too few to call it even a decent sized Property Show. Some of the prominent ones were Jaypee Greens Sikka and JSK Group.
  4. There were even fewer Developers who were offering property in Faridabad. However, I believe the intention was not to show case properties of Faridabad and rather the name Faridabad Property Show came from the venue in Faridabad.
  5. There were around 3 banks that offered their products. I could see kiosks of Canara Bank, State Bank of India and Punjab National Bank.Faridabad Property Show May 25 - 26, 2013

Some of the positive aspects of this Show were

  1. Promoters (people wearing magicbricks.com t-shirt) could be spotted just at the corner of the road leading to the venue so one could be sure that a visitor is at the right place.
  2. At least some Real Estate Developers were available at one place for a visitor to see and compare different options available in the market.

Overall, I believe the show was a good beginning even though it has a lot to improve.

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