When Someone Stole My Domain Name

When I chose finhow.com at that time the keyword I had in mind was financialknowhow. finhow is the shorter version of the longer phrase “financial know how”. Around 2-3 weeks back I searched for this domain, and the domain was available at godaddy for around USD 10. Yesterday it was on auction for USD 3,388 – a whopping gain of 300 times for the buyer. Today, it has become a premium domain.

Financialknowhow.com - A Premium Domain

People say “What’s in a name?” but Domain Name Matters

  • Citibank owns finance.com
  • Owner of asiteaboutnothing.com waited for over an year to get this domain name. Read her full story at Catching an Expiring Domain Name: A Case Study.
  • I could have made over USD 3,300 on my investment of USD 10-15 in just 20 days

  • I could have made that whopping gain only if I could realize that there is a demand for good sounding domain names.

Finhow Assuming a New Alter Identity – Financial How

Finhow.com Feedburner Email with Financial know How

Finhow stood for “Financial know How” and now due to Cybersquatting, finhow will need to assume “Financial How” as its new alter name. Feeds of finhow.com will publish “Financial know How” for this post only and then will take “Financial How”. By the way, financialhow.com now redirects to finhow.com.


If you own a good domain name retain it or profit from it. If you can think of a good domain name then search and buy that domain name, and you too may gain handsomely. However, note that once you start searching for a name and found that a good name is available then don’t let it idle for someone to snatch it from you.

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  1. Maneesha July 5, 2013 11:06 am  Reply

    Good advice specially for the ones who have the TIME to devote on this.

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