Finhow – After 50 Posts was started with the thought of learning about financial knowledge (financial how as we call it) and impart the same learning to everyone. Finhow is a forum where everyone shares their financial knowledge to make world a better place to live (money is required to eat, dress and sleep on a bed). Don’t Accept Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL) Open Offer was the 50th post on and here are some interesting facts about finhow.

1. Background


  1. Although finhow is an year old but most of its posts have been published in last 3 months.
  2. First post on Finhow was written on June 10, 2012 and 50th post came on July 3, 2013. On an average 4 posts were written every month or 1 post per week.
  3. Last 3 months saw the biggest rise in the number of posts – 31 posts were written in last 3 months giving an average of 1 post every 3 days.
  4. If I consider last 3 months as the time of inception then traffic has doubled in last 3 months.Site Traffice Through Jetpack

Participation of Readers

  1. Finhow’s first feed subscriber was Himanshu Bansal. Now, finhow is read by and unaccounted number of non-subscribers.
  2. 20 comments have been posted on finhow. On an average every 3rd article has a comment. A significant proportion of comments are track back from other articles.

Social Media

  1. Social media presence is low. However, considering the surge in posts and traffic in last 3 months, we believe our readers will like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.
  2. Finhow’s facebook account was liked by 5 people. This is quite low but the enthusiasm among our readers has been very encouraging.
  3. Finhow’s twitter account is being followed by ~15 followers.

2. In Service to Our Readers

Honest, well-researched and heart-felt posts

  1. We give our readers the advice that we would be willing to follow. Our posts are our honest opinion. Please note that opinion posted on is posted in good faith for generally everyone, however, you should still seek your financial advisor, lawyer or other advisor for your specific situation.
  2. Our posts are thoroughly researched. We personally visit or interview experts when gathering information. You would read our articles on Faridabad and Gurgaon Property Fair.Gurgaon Property Fair 2013 Main Gate
  3. Our posts frequently undergo editorial review before publishing to Our editorial boards comprises of experts in the field of literature, mathematics and statistics.
  4. Each of our post is accompanied by at least one picture for anyone to understand the concept clearly.


  1. is available more than 99.9% of time as promised by hosting service provider.
  2. We have further built redundancy to keep our site available more than 99.9%.

Site Speed and Page Speed

  1. opens very fast. In practice, readers have witnessed speed of loading of at par with
  2. We use all techniques in our arsenal including caching and CDN to ensure the fastest site speed for the best readers’ experience.
  3. Our pictures are optimized so that they take least amount of time to load.
  4. Our mobile site has been optimized for best mobile experience.

Minimum advertisement

  1. We employ minimum advertisement so as not to interfere user experience. So far, we have placed only one advertisement at the bottom of page.Advertisement at Bottom
  2. We have just started advertisement on mobile phone. The advertisement is close to other meta information on post and user may scroll to vanish the advertisement.

No Copyright Violations

  1. We give our readers original content. Our readers do not feel cheated by reading the same information that they obtained elsewhere.
  2. We respect copyright and do not use any picture that is protected by copyright. We create our own pictures from scratch or modify the pictures that are not covered in copyright.
  3. Our picture editing software is either licensed or opensource. We do not use pirated software. None of our work station has pirated software.
  4. We expect our readers to respect our copyrights. All content on including the pictures are copyright protected.

3. Future

  1. We would let the world know that is working towards enhancing knowledge – Financial how, as we call it.Winners Holding Finhow Cup
  2. We would like to be more in touch with our readers. We would request you to like our Facebook page and follow us on twitter to keep the conversation going.

  3. We encourage our readers to share their knowledge with all of us. Our readers can write guest posts or can become contributor to finhow. Contact us if you would like to write for us.
  4. We encourage our readers to post comments so that we know you are our loyal reader, you get a backlink to your blog (if you are a blogger) and we and other readers help you achieve the financial knowledge you crave and deserve.

In sum, we would try to make you feel proud to be the reader of I wish sees similar post when it crosses 5000 post and we touch/improve lives of at least 50 people.

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