Running and Living 5k, 10k Run in Gurgaon on Sep 22, 2013

Running and Living had organized 5k and 10k runs (5 km and 10 km runs) today Sep 22, 2013 in Gurgaon. This event was special to me not only because this was the first time I participated in 10k run but also because I found the spirit of participants, organizers and sponsors very high.

Look at the photographs on RunningAndLiving Facebook page. Some of the photographs in this post have been taken from this Facebook page.

  1. People who came a little after 5:00 AM to participate in this event
  2. People getting T-shirts from Reebok
  3. Running and Living team coordinating warm up of runners
  4. People running on the road
  5. People reaching to Reebok store (Reebok was the sponsor)
  6. And people coming back to the start (rather end) point
  7. Rahul Verghese (Chief Believer Runningandliving) greeting the top runners

Details of the Event

Publicity before the event

  1. The information about this event was circulated beforehand to earlier participants of such events. Thereafter, it was more word-of-mouth publicity.
  2. I noticed that information was event was also published at
  3. I believe the number of participants who joined in these runs (5k and 10k) was around 350. Considering such turnaround and that too before 5:30 AM, I am convinced that the information was well-received.

Preparation for the event

  1. Stalls were ready at the venue for registration of runners
  2. Stage was set for organizers to address the participants. It looked that the stage was set for another event but the run just happened on time so organizers could use that stage.
  3. Photographers were ready with the camera.
  4. Water and tags for runners were present.
  5. Organizers had microphone and portable speaker to address participants.


  1. Reebok was the sponsor for event.
  2. Route of the run was such that the first half would finish at Reebok’s showroom so that Reebok may show case its new pair of shoes.

Execution of the event

  1. Warm up of the participants was coordinated by organizers.Gurgaon 5K 10K Run Sep 2013 - Warmup

  2. T-shirts were distributed
  3. Race was flagged by Rahul Verghese.
  4. There were sign-boards and milestone markers at every km of the run. Even the coordinators of organizers were present at appropriate distances on the track.Gurgaon 5K 10K Run Sep 2013 - Runners
  5. Route passed through police station, thus, giving a feeling of security to everyone.
  6. Traffic management was done by police.Gurgaon 5K 10K Run Sep 2013 - Traffic Management
  7. Ambulance was following closely.
  8. Organizers provided water on the track for runners
  9. Photographers were present throughout the track. Photos are evident that photographers did a very good job.
  10. The top runners were greeted by Rahul and photographs clickedGurgaon 5K 10K Run Sep 2013 - Winners

Closing of the event

  1. Every runner got a memento from Running and Living
  2. Group photographs of all the runners were takenGurgaon 5K 10K Run Sep 2013 - Team Photo
  3. Individuals could make their own group and request photographers to take their pictures.Gurgaon 5K 10K Run Sep 2013 - End Mark
  4. Rahul was kind enough to honor individual’s request to get photographs clicked with himGurgaon 5K 10K Run Sep 2013 - With Rahul

Your Take

  1. There is a saying “Pehla sukh neerogi kaya” which means “first happiness is healthy body”. Such activity is good for health so one should indulge in at least one such activity.Gurgaon 5K 10K Run Sep 2013 - At Closing
  2. Running is a solo/solitary event yet Rahul could make a community of runners. These runners are not professional runners and rather regular office goers, college students and some school children. One can earn from such events by
    1. Advertisement of products and services
    2. Endorsement of products and services
    3. Provide private Event Management Services to corporates
    4. Ask for donations
    5. Sell self-produced products, accessories, inspirational videos, offer of training
    6. Charge fees for speaking or participating in talk-shows about running
  3. One may do charity by charging registration fees and returning it back to community in the form of expenditure on education for underprivileged or providing other basic necessities to under privileged.
  4. One may promote health among people, feel satisfied with one’s work and, thus, earn a good reputation for himself. One may even get sponsorship or money to conduct such activity and one will just need to put his time and effort. Such publicity may help an individual to represent the community politically or earn potential customers in his other business.


Considering the response of runners in today’s run, I feel that such events can be very satisfying for every stakeholder. One may earn, learn and stay healthy and happy by participating or conducting in any form such events.

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